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Are you tired of spending a fortune at the gas station? Need to go to the grocery store or the airport, but you don’t have a ride to get there? Let A-1 Cab pick you up today.

Since 2004, we’ve been the most reliable taxi service in Yakima, Union Gap, WA and the surrounding areas. Our family-owned team functions as an airport taxi, courier service or a simple ride into town when you need a lift. You can count on us for world-class service that’s prompt, comfortable and there when you need it most.

Looking for a taxi service? Call our team today at 509-833-6560.

We'll Take You Where You Need To Go

If you need a ride, count on us to drive you where you need to go. We’re proud to be Yakima & Union Gap, WA’s trusted:

Taxi service: Ready to go to the bar, the movies or somewhere else in town? Call us now for quick and comfortable transportation.
Courier service: Need someone to drop off or pick up a package? Our team makes it easy to receive or deliver packages.
Airport taxi: Need to make a flight? We’re available for airport arrivals and departures.
Ready to get going? Talk to a member of our team now, and we’ll send a cab to your location.

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Why you should choose A-1 Cab

We strive to be the most user-friendly taxi service in the Yakima & Union Gap, WA area. That means our team will:

Answer our phone courteously Remain neat, polite and on time Professionally assist you with your transportation needs

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